Emergency PPE

Due to this extraordinary COVID-19 crisis and the wide spread lack of PPE available in the UK to the NHS and other healthcare organisations and critical service businesses. We have converted most of our existing UK based manufacturing lines to make whatever PPE we can. PPE orders will now take priority over any non-essential orders.

Right now we are able to make, Disposable Aprons, Slipover tabards, & Gowns all from polythene and have plenty of stocks of raw materials to be able to make them. We can also supply, refuse sacks, medical waste bags and body bags.

We are taking orders for immediate delivery, however, as you can imagine these items are in high demand. When you get in touch let us know how many you want to order and how many you need per week, so we can ensure everyone get’s what they need.


You can order online, however, if you are planning to order more than 5 cartons of any product get in touch first to discuss delivery times.  email simon@creatapack.co.uk or call 01278 444151. Please forward this page to anyone who needs PPE. We are happy to take BACs payment also.